KET Education Wants Photos of Your Family’s Summer Adventures!

Summer is here–time to go have fun outside with family and friends! KET Education wants to celebrate the diversity of Kentucky’s people and places and the talent of our kids! Have your child or teen photograph their adventures–wherever you live or travel–and share them for our upcoming online photo showcase! 

The theme is Summer Adventures. As a family, see a new place or explore a familiar place with new eyes! What creatures live in that puddle by the sidewalk or the sand on the beach? Can you make a piece of art using items you find outside or teach your dog to jump through a hula hoop? Going camping or to a cookout?

Be sure to do things together and with friends–adventures are more fun with others, and your child will have lots of photo opportunities, too! No selfies, please. We want to see your adventures, so be creative and have fun!

You’ll help your child choose one photo to submit to us. Online submissions will be accepted June-August. We’ll post the photos for an online photography showcase! These free resources will help guide and inspire your photographer. 

We can’t wait to see and share students’ photos of their summer fun!