Summer Photography Prompts

Try some of the adventures listed below–with family and friends–that kids can photograph and share for our online showcase! Tip: If you and your child are going to a family reunion or other gathering, get others involved–it’s more fun and makes for lots of great photo opportunities!

For examples visit our summer photo inspiration page.

  • Think of something famous or well-known locally in your city or town that you haven’t seen yet–make a list together with family or friends. Choose a spot or two and explore like a tourist! Your student is the designated photographer!
  • Can you spot fireflies where you live or travel? Do a photo challenge with family or friends and see who can get the most interesting photo with these wonderful creatures! Have your student take photos during the fun! (For tips on how to interact with fireflies, young students might enjoy this video from PBS Kids’ Wild Kratts.) 
  • Going to the beach? Search for shells, sea glass, crabs. To the desert or a hiking trail? Look for sand, pebbles, freshwater shells. Be sure your student gets photos of the hunt and the treasures!
  • Is your child or teen going to a summer camp? Have your adventurer try a new activity and photograph the experience, and friends doing it too!
  • Do a photo scavenger hunt where you live or vacation–try to find these things (remind your student to get photos of your search and what you see).
    • Someone wearing a cowboy hat
    • Someone eating an ice cream cone
    • Someone skateboarding
    • A cat or dog looking out of a window
    • Outside water (a puddle, creek, pool, etc.)
  • Make some art! Use wrapped canvas, construction paper, poster board–anything on hand. Ideas for materials:
    • Go explore the area around your house–your yard or a park, for example–or your vacation spot. Find some natural things (rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.). 
    • Gather some things you have on hand–bottle caps, buttons, straws, etc. Have each person contribute one thing they find.

Download PDF version here.