KET’s Workplace Essential Skills online offers tools to help learners build the skills they need to succeed in today’s high-demand career fields! Courses are available in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation/Logistics, IT, Construction, Hospitality/Tourism, Marketing/Sales and Soft Skills.

Highlights for teachers:

  • Reusable seats, licensed annually
  • Targeted, contextualize language and math skills used in high-demand careers, plus soft skills
  • Customized study plans generated from learner pretests
  • Complete classroom management system for monitoring student progress
  • Mobile friendly courses extend learning opportunities and build digital literacy
  • Standards-aligned (National Career Readiness Certification, GED® Assessment Targets and College and Career Readiness)

Highlights for learners:

  • Study anywhere anytime, on any device equipped with internet access
  • Self-paced study plan offers instructions and feedback
  • Real workplace examples help content make sense
  • Interactive practice activities, videos and games improve engagement and build digital literacy
  • Completion certificate outlines skills mastered during coursework
  • Built-in online study tools, multi-language translation and text-to-speech features

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