Crash! Pow! Bang! ZOOM with Poets, Graphic Novelists, Authors, and Visual Artists!

With ever-increasing popularity, Graphic Novels have become a go-to reading medium for children and adults alike. Join KET Education for a series of conversations with today’s authors, graphic novelists, and artists! Hear about their process, their inspiration and their creative backgrounds!  Find YouTube recordings from past sessions at the bottom of this page as well as a special session from former Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt.

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Poet Kenn Nesbitt

Former Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt’s high-energy, educational stand-up comedy poetry programs will have your students howling with laughter and clamoring for more as he shares the thrill of funny poetry.  Even the most reluctant readers and writers will be composing new poems and heading for the library after spending time with Kenn.

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Author and Illustrator Sarah Giles

Sarah Giles is an author, illustrator, and experimenter-in-charge at the Big Fab Story Lab on YouTube. When she’s not writing, drawing, or filming, she loves visiting classes to share her best story-building tips and tricks with kids!

 Sarah loves to create stories that tackle the tricky parts of growing up with empathy, encouragement, and many laughs along the way. Her published works include the Fitting Out and Switches and Peeps chapter book series, and the creative writing activity book: Write Like A …

 In addition to working on graphic novel projects of her own, Sarah also works with Kids Comics Unite, a community of artists, writers, and publishers who are passionate about making graphic novels for kids.

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Graphic Novelist Jarrett Lerner

Author-illustrator Jarrett Lerner is the creator of the EngiNerds series of Middle Grade novels, the Geeger the Robot series of early chapter books, the activity books Give This Book a Title and Give This Book a Cover, and The Hunger Heroes series of graphic novel chapter books. Jarrett is also the creator of the forthcoming illustrated novel in verse A Work in Progress, a forthcoming set of early readers, and more. All of Jarrett’s books are published by Simon & Schuster. In addition to writing, drawing, and visiting schools and libraries across the country, Jarrett co-founded and co-organizes the #KidsNeedBooks and #KidsNeedMentors projects. He can be found at and on Twitter and Instagram at @Jarrett_Lerner. He lives with his wife and daughters in Medford, Massachusetts.

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Comic Artist and Animator Erica Henderson

Erica Henderson is an author and artist best known for her work on Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Archie’s Jughead. She’s been working on, writing about and teaching comics for over a decade. 

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Artist, Author, & Illustrator David Wayne Chiu

David Wayne Chiu is Brooklyn-based sequential artist who’s done work across variety of mediums, from comics to infographics to instruction manuals to storyboards. He’s the author/illustrator of Create Your Own Graphic Novel: A Guide For Kids and artist for The Golden Pups.

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Graphic Novelist Shawn Pryor

Shawn Pryor’s work includes the middle-grade graphic novel series Cash & Carrie, the hi\lo reader series The Gamer, The Deadliest Race graphic novel for Scary Graphics, and several books for Capstone’s Jake Maddox Sports and Adventure series, and the WCMX Daredevil graphic novel for the Jake Maddox graphic novel series. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, listening to streaming music playlists, and talking about why Zack from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the greatest Black superhero of all-time.

Crash! Pow! Bang! Zoom with Comic Book Writer Benito Cereno

Benito Cereno is a writer and podcaster whose comic book writing has been published by Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and New England Comics. Two series that he wrote for, Invincible and The Tick, have been adapted as television series on Amazon Prime. Together with fellow writer Chris Sims, he is the co-host of the comedy podcast Apocrypals, which argues that if you can understand Star Wars, you can understand the Bible. As a contributor to, Benito writes articles and essays on topics including ancient history, folklore and mythology, religion, and horror movies. He lives in Central Kentucky with his wife and their three terrible cats.

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