Youth Mental Health

This collection gathers together KET videos and resources from 2018 to the present that focus on youth mental health issues and social and emotional learning. Below you’ll find a wealth of videos and activities available on PBS LearningMedia, comprehensive professional development courses, and full episodes from KET’s youth mental health initiative.

PBS LearningMedia Teaching Resources

Social & Emotional Learning

Engaging students in creativity in any subject enhances learning. These resources will help you understand emotional development and lead students in art projects that build social and emotional skills—projects that can be incorporated into almost any subject.

Virtual Art Museum

The Kentucky Virtual Art Museum offers a range of artworks suitable for social and emotional learning. Activities are paired with artworks that educators can use to help students explore emotions and learn to collaborate with others.

Youth Mental Health

This collection takes a comprehensive look at mental health issues among teens and young adults today. Topics include suicide prevention, trauma and toxic stress, and depression and anxiety.

Educator Professional Development Courses

Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this self-paced course, educators take a comprehensive look at mental health issues in students, updated with resources for the coronavirus pandemic. Topics include depression and anxiety, trauma and toxic stress, and mental health interventions.

Suicide Prevention: Train-the-Trainer

This one-hour self-paced course is a guide for school-based or community-based mental health professionals to train school staff to lead Kentucky’s suicide prevention course for students in grades 6-12.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Recognize the importance Adverse Childhood Experiences can play in children’s lives and learn about the latest research on childhood adversity. In this course you’ll hear directly from Dr. Vincent Felliti, one of the world’s foremost experts on childhood trauma.

Mental Health Programs

You Are Not Alone

Renee Shaw hosts this 6-part KET series that features people on the front lines of mental health and emphasizes the importance of healthy, supportive relationships in helping youth overcome mental health challenges.

Healing Childhood Trauma

Against the backdrop of COVID-19 and protests opposing systemic racism, host Renee Shaw and experts present the science of childhood trauma and the path to healing. Funded in part by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

Preventing Youth Suicide

This forum explores the alarming rise in youth suicide, examining its root causes, and highlighting the most effective strategies for prevention.