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Here teachers will find high-quality lesson plans and other resources in dance, drama, visual arts, and music, all designed to help you integrate the arts into the classroom experience. Students are invited to browse our multi-arts toolkit resource libraries for quick access to information about arts careers, art videos, and other interesting activities.

These toolkits are the online component of the KET Arts Toolkit project, an innovative collaboration between Kentucky’s arts and education communities. Learn more about this award-winning multimedia project and the partners who made it possible.

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Arts News

Happy National Arts and Humanities Month

October 15, 2021 - The arts bring us together, tell our story, teach us history, and give us a vision for the future. Without them the world would be very dull and uneventful. To celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month, here are some resources to explore and use in your classroom. This is just a tiny sample of what’s available in PBS LearningMedia, so take a look around to discover more!

The Young Writers Contest has EXPANDED

February 7, 2020 - The goal of the KET Young Writers Contest is to encourage student writing and celebrate creativity. With this in mind, and based on your feedback, we've broadened the contest's scope for 2020!

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