Welcome to The Kentucky Online Learning Experience Collaborative

The Kentucky Online Learning Experience Collaborative is a partnership between Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and the Kentucky Department of Education to connect online/virtual/remote programs across the state providing the  support they need to ensure they provide high quality online learning experiences for all full time enrolled online students.

The Collaborative works with various regional and national partners to provide ongoing supports  for Kentucky online K-12 programs. The KyOLXC leadership team in conjunction with the Region 5 Comprehension Center is modeling the use of a continuous improvement strategy to empower programs to continue  leadership growth with their own teachers and staff.

In the News

From Kentucky Edition: Collaborative Unites Virtual Educators Across Kentucky
Kentucky virtual schools are joining forces thanks to the Kentucky Online Learning Experience Collaborative.

Meet the Team

Kate Mayfield
KyOLXC Assistant Director

(859) 258-7158 | Email Kate

With experience in the business, education, and nonprofit sectors, Kate Mayfield brings a deep knowledge of best practices in education, as well as strategies to effectively implement and manage projects and programs

Ben Maynard
KDE Digital Learning Coach

(502) 892-6328 | Email Ben

Ben currently serves as a Digital Learning Coach for the Kentucky Department of Education where he supports school and district leaders in digital transformation efforts. He also serves as the state lead for online, virtual, and remote learning programs to support districts in developing high-quality online learning experiences.

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