Young Writers Contest

2010 Young Writers Contest

Each spring, the KET Young Writers Contest encourages children to submit stories for a statewide competition. Check out our 2010 contest winners below.

R74 Gets a New Sister

by Nathaniel J.
Kindergarten, First Place

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The Huge Adventures of Miss Montana

by Montana L.
1st Grade, First Place

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The Little Blue (Little Blue’s Adventures)

by William D.
2nd Grade, First Place

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Jenna’s Big Adventure

by Abby H.
3rd Grade, First Place

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Second- and third-place winners

Kindergarten: Second Place, Katherine O., Paducah, “The Alien Girl Who Wanted to Have Fun”; Third Place, Brandon D., Aberdeen, Ohio, “Four Pals.”
1st Grade: Second Place, Sarah R., Carrollton, “To the Rescue”; Third Place, Sarah Jane P., Hillsboro, “Wally and Molly’s Big Day in the Snow.”
2nd Grade: Second Place, Nolia Grace W., Owensboro, “A Christmas Poem”; Third Place, Esther A., Corbin, “The Stuffed Bear.”
3rd grade: Second Place, Margot S., Fort Thomas, “Stop! Save the Earth”; Third Place, Alisabeth C., Paducah, “The Mouse and the Heavy Cheese.”

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