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College should be a time of growth and discovery, but for many it can also be a source of stress as students and parents try to find a way to pay for it. Fortunately, financial aid assistance is available.

KET’s College Financial Aid 2023: Education Matters offers help in navigating the all-important college financial aid application process. You can view the program, hosted by KET’s Kelsey Starks, below.

The program features a panel of financial aid experts who will provide information on the availability of scholarships, grants and other financial aid and offer tips on applying for financial assistance using the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Scheduled panelists include:

Financial experts appearing on the program include:

  • Keith Ritchie, outreach counselor, Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority
  • Mark Messingschlager, director of financial aid, Thomas More University
  • Lindsay K. Driskell, with the Financial Aid Office at Jefferson Community and Technical College

Issues discussed by the panel will include common application mistakes, documents necessary to apply for financial aid, types of aid, deadlines and financial aid packages.

Online Financial Aid Resources

Since state grant funds are limited, applicants are encouraged to file the FAFSA as soon as possible.

  • Start the application process with FAFSA online, the electronic version of the required federal form. This form is used to gather the basic family financial information, which is then sent to all schools designated by the applicant. For answers to general questions about the FAFSA, call (800) 4FED-AID.
  • Students may apply for federal financial aid programs online, using an FSA ID (user name and password). The Federal Student Aid website has details and links for creating the ID. It replaces the previous PIN system.
  • Visit College Goal Kentucky for a list of Kentucky locations where students can go to complete their FAFSA application and receive help if needed.
  • The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority provides information about the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship program and other state scholarships, state grant programs such as the College Access Program, and state waivers, along with a student loan payment calculator. General information is also available by phone at (800) 928-8926.
  • The Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators provides students with links to Kentucky colleges and universities as well as links to other financial aid information and resources.
  • The KEES program provides scholarships to students who earn at least a 2.5 GPA each year of attendance at a certified Kentucky high school. The better you do in high school, the more you earn toward college.
  • U.S. Department of Education site explains how to view Federal student loan documents, entrance counseling and how to sign promissory notes.

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