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Creating Characters: Movement – Idea File

Students compare two characters and role-play how they would perform various actions.
Grades: K-3

Two Gals

Suggested Uses:

  • Drama: Role-play different characters.
  • Dance: Use the opening activity with music as a movement exercise.

Teaching Concepts:

  • Actors can show what characters are like through movements and actions.

Academic Content

  • Drama: literary and performance elements
  • Creative Dramatics: role-playing
  • Drama: observing and creating characters
  • Culture: Appalachian folktales

Lesson Idea

Open: Tell students that you will do something and they should do the opposite. For example, if you stretch out long, they should crouch in a ball. Here are a few things you might do: Fold your arms tight, spread your arms wide, reach for the ceiling, touch the floor, wiggle, and stand still.

View: “The Two Gals.”

Discuss: The differences between the two girls in the video. Think of opposite descriptions for them, such as lazy/hard-working, nice/mean, and greedy/generous.

Expand: Use descriptive words to role-play the two characters. Put different actions on slips of paper in a jar and have students draw an action to role-play as both a lazy and a hard-working person. Other students in the class guess the activity and character. Actions might include sweeping the floor, washing windows, and getting out of bed. For non-readers, whisper the activity and character description.

Author: Mary Henson

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