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Creating Stories and Music

A writer, a composer, a conductor, and an audience of young people discuss character, setting, and conflict/resolution (common elements of both stories and compositions), and illustrate the creation of these elements through words and music. Featured are Kentucky writer George Ella Lyon reading from her books, the premiere of a work by composer Lawrence Dillon, and musical performances by young Kentucky musicians.

Grade Levels: 4-5
Resource Types: 3 Videos, 3 PDFs

Character: The Center of Attention

Host Robert Franz, George Ella Lyon, and Lawrence Dillon talk with a group of young people about where their ideas come from and how they develop a character or musical idea. Lyon reads an excerpt from her book Here and Then. Young Artist Competition winners Jim Stopher and John Popham perform the world premiere of Dillon’s “Reminiscence” for piano and cello, a piece commissioned especially for this project.

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Setting the Scene

Lyon reads another selection from Here and Then showcasing setting. The Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra performs “Sunrise” from Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite, a piece that shows how music can describe a setting.

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Conflict and Resolution

A story isn’t very interesting if it doesn’t have a conflict … and neither is a piece of music. The Louisville Youth Orchestra performs a piece illustrating conflict and resolution—a storm scene from Beethoven’s 6th Symphony—and Lyon reads her book One Lucky Girl.

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Teacher's Guide

Download Teacher’s Guide PDFs Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
This Teacher’s Guide provides a program outline, artist biographies, handouts, student worksheets, and activities.

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