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Destinos – Unit IV

In Destinos, students learn Spanish in the diversified cultural context in which it is spoken throughout the world. Destinos uses the natural conversations and intriguing situations of a continuing story as the vehicle for language learning. The course is designed to help develop proficiency in all the communication skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

While all characters speak only in Spanish, early episodes use both Spanish and English narration. By episode 13, students hear only Spanish. At the end of each episode, Raquel reviews the highlights of the story, using flashbacks and on-screen questions and answers to help students remember what has happened.

Grade Levels: 9-12
Resource Types: 7 Videos

Unit IV Overview

In Buenos Aires, Raquel’s search for Don Fernando’s first wife leads her to the office of Dr. Arturo Iglesias, who divulges some startling additional news which sends Raquel to Puerto Rico. Arturo decides to help Raquel in her search and promises to join her in San Juan.

Vocabulario: numbers (100-1,000); food groups (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, others); writing and written works.

Gramática: preterite tense; direct and indirect object pronouns; prepositions; pronoun objects of prepositions; using adjectives; verbs used reflexively and nonreflexively; gustar and verbs like it; two object pronouns together.

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Episode 12 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 1)

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Episode 13 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 2)

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Episode 14 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 3)

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Episode 15 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 4)

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Episode 16 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 5)

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Episode 17 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 6)

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Episode 18 - A Journey to Argentina (Part 7)

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