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Electronic Field Trip to Mammoth Cave

Tour the world’s largest cave system with National Park Service rangers. They provide fascinating information at each stop. See the beautiful Frozen Niagara, the blind fish, Native American artifacts, the “bottomless” pit, and unique passageways underground. Squeeze through some tight places while exploring Fat Man’s Misery and the Wild Caving tour, and learn about careers in park service and science.

Teachers may choose to use the trip in the following segments:

  • Beauty and Diversity of the Cave
  • History and Geology of the Cave
  • Animal Species of the Cave
  • The Role of Water

Grade Levels: 4-12
Resource Types: Video, Teacher’s Guide, Handouts

Electronic Field Trip to Mammoth Cave

National Park Service rangers lead a tour of one of Kentucky’s—and the world’s—true natural wonders, the longest cave system on Earth. This KET production is divided into four segments covering the beauty and diversity of the cave, its history and geology, animal species found there, and the role of water.

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