Electronic Field Trip to a Watershed

Take a virtual field trip to Kentucky’s urban and rural settings; mountains, rivers, streams, and wetlands; and karst and sinkholes to learn about watersheds, areas of land that catch rain and snow and drain into common waterways. Large watersheds are made up of many smaller watersheds, as demonstrated in an animation showing how all Kentucky rivers flow into larger and larger basins before draining into the Mississippi River and, ultimately, the Gulf of Mexico. Students learn about the most common forms of non-source water pollution and what individuals, families, and communities can do to prevent it.

The first of the two 15-minute programs is targeted to grades 3-5 and the second to grades 6-8.

Grades: 3-8
Resource Type: Video

Electronic Field Trip to a Watershed (Grades 3-5)

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Electronic Field Trip to a Watershed (Grades 6-8)

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