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Just for Me

Just for Me presents themes common to many health education texts and widely used drug prevention curricula: handling relationships with family members, peer pressure and support, self-esteem, responsibility for self and others, making decisions, and the influence of the media.

Grade Levels: P-4
Resource Types: 10 Videos, 1 PDF

Who Are You?

Shows how thoughts, feelings, and experiences can affect a child’s self-concept negatively or positively and how self-concept, in turn, affects the decisions children make.

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My Choice

Demonstrates that a decision-making process, well learned and wisely implemented, can be an important tool for resolving personal health issues.

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The Real Me

Shows how family values and support combined with refusal skills can help children cope with negative peer pressure.

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I Do Care

Dramatizes the importance of adhering to the rules; respecting the needs, feelings, ideas, and environment of others; and taking responsibility for behavior.

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My Family, My Self

Presents dramatic evidence of the influence of family members on one another and strategies for strengthening family bonds.

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I Don't Buy It

Humorously demonstrates how commercials and ads can influence children’s ideas, values, and behavior; helps viewers “break through to the truth.”

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Parent's Program: Self-Concept

Shows how parents and others who care for children can help them develop strong and healthy self-concepts.

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Parent's Program: Healthy Choices

Shows how parents and others who care for children can help them learn strategies and skills, such as decision making, to protect themselves against the risk of drug use.

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Parent's Program: Family Ties

Shows how activities that bring the family together can help children resist outside pressure to use drugs and find other, healthier things to do.

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Teacher's Program: Using Just for Me

Advice for using the Just for Me classroom programs with students, including suggested follow-up activities.

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher’s Guide PDF

This teacher’s guide includes objectives and summaries of the related video programs, suggestions for discussion and focusing activities before viewing, follow-up after viewing, and separate extension activities for grades 2, 3, and 4. The guide also contains a variety of reproducible worksheets.

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