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Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers, claiming twice as many lives as homicides and nearly three times as many as suicides. Most fatal crashes result from drivers’ mistakes— from carelessness and poor judgment. And many could be prevented.

The goal of KET’s four-part Street Skills video series is to make teens better drivers by changing their attitudes about driving. The series helps to make them more thoughtful drivers, more aware of dangers, and more capable of avoiding mishaps.

This guide is designed to help teachers use Street Skills in a classroom setting. It includes a summary of each program, followed by discussion of the main program themes. It also includes suggested questions and classroom activities that allow students to further explore issues raised by what they have seen on screen.

Designed to help students and teachers get more out of the series, the guide does not cover every point made by each program. Instead, it takes a selective approach, emphasizing the most essential information and clarifying points some students may find difficult to grasp.

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