train tracks

Tracks: Impressions of America

Two young adults, Isadora and Duncan, investigate U.S. history as they travel by rail across the country. While learning about historical events, they also discover the relevance of those events to the present day.

Grade Levels: 4-6
Resource Type: Videos

Trekking Across Our Land

Describes the early migration of people from Asia to North America and introduces Isadora and Duncan, two young people who meet on the train and decide to spend their summer learning about American history.

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Spain Comes to America

Introduces some of the first European explorers in the Americas and describes their influence on colonization; includes a visit to the early Spanish settlement in St. Augustine, FL.

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Early European Settlements

Describes the motivations and goals of early English settlers at Jamestown and their interaction with Native Americans.

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Seeds of Revolution

In Boston, Issy and Duncan learn about the diverse beliefs and independent thinking that laid the groundwork for the American Revolution.

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Issy discusses the state of the colonies with the character Ben Franklin in Philadelphia.

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The New Nation

Focuses on the creation of the Constitution and sketches the three branches of government; includes visits to Monticello and Washington, DC.

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Westward Ho!

Territorial expansion by European settlers and its effects on Native Americans; a visit to the Cumberland Gap.

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Divided and United

The causes of the Civil War and its effects on the American people; connects the events of the Civil War with the civil rights movement during a visit to Montgomery, AL.

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The Urbanization of America

Milwaukee, WI is the place to describe the waves of immigration that changed social patterns and labor relations in the late 19th century.

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The Road to Mount Rushmore

Explores the development of mining, ranching, agriculture, and the railroads in the American West and the strained relations between settlers and Native Americans.

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America at War

Discusses America’s reluctance to enter World War I and World War II.

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Changing Times and Modern Industries

Examines the Cold War and the dangers and promise of the Atomic Age.

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