Virtual Media Lab Workshops

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Virtual Media Lab Sessions

Video & Green Screen Editing with iMovie

iOS, Grades K-12
Even the youngest editors can easily create their own video productions in iMovie, Apple’s free video editor.

Video & Green Screen Editing with Kapwing

Multi-platform, Grades 6-12
This session introduces young media creators to the browser-based, free tier of Kapwing – a video editor that is accessible on Chromebooks.

Pre-coding with PBS Kids ScratchJr

Multi-platform, Grades K-3
This fun and dynamic app introduces students to block-coding, while also allowing them to create interactive, engaging games and stories.


Graphics and 3D Modeling with TinkerCAD

Multi-platform, Grades K-12
This session introduces students to 3D design and printing using a free, web-based app that can be used on all devices (even Chromebooks). These designs can be printed, laser cut, or even animated.

Music Production with GarageBand

iOS, Grades 4-12
This fun music production experience teaches students how to use this free audio editor to create music, sound effects, and character voices while layering and editing their recordings.

Intro to Podcasting

Multi-platform, Grades 3-12
Students learn tips, techniques, equipment needs, and the process of producing podcasts while listening to and analyzing various age-appropriate podcasts. Students will learn how to record and edit voice, sound effects, and music in GarageBand to enhance their storytelling.

Stop Motion Animation with Stop Motion Studio

iOS and Android, Grades K-8
Stop Motion Studio allows students to easily create their own projects without the time commitment of using a video editor.

Basic Video Production

Lecture with participation, Grades 3-12
This session takes students through the entire video production process while providing valuable techniques and tips to successfully tell their stories and engage their audiences.

Animation with Do Ink

An Introduction, iOS, Grades K-12
This session introduces the paid iOS app that easily allows students to design their own animations and graphics. These animations can then be added as a layer in the Green Screen with Do Ink video editor.

Student Media Literacy

Multi-platform, Grades 6-12
In this session, students learn how mis-, dis-, and malinformation is created and spread andnhow to differentiate facts from fiction. Students are provided cues and tips on how to determine what information to trust.

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