Virtual Media Lab Workshops

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Video & Green Screen Editing with iMovie, grades K-12 

Our basic video editing workshop will get you started editing your own videos and provide some special techniques and effects that will enhance student-produced multimedia projects.

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Rush, grades 4-12 

Step up video editing skills in this introductory session.

Video & Green Screen Editing with Kapwing, grades K-12 

This browser-based app allows students to edit their videos no matter what devices they are using – including Chromebooks! This introductory session works within the free tier of the app.

Create Stories, Games, and Animations with PBS Kids ScratchJr, grades K-3 

This fun and creative storytelling, interactive app introduces young learners to pre-coding.

Create Graphics and 3D Modeling with TinkerCAD, grades K-12 

This introductory session gets students started in designing 3D models that can be 3D printed or used in digital projects and art.

Learn the Basics of Stop Motion Animation with Stop Motion Studio, grades K-8 

This introductory session teaches stop motion video-making skills for beginners.

Learn the Basics of Graphics and Animation with Do Ink, grades K-12 

This fun companion to Do Ink Green Screen allows students to create animations that can be used alone or added as a layer within the Do Ink Green Screen app that is only available for the iPad. NOTE: This is a paid app from Apple’s App Store.

An introduction to Adobe Photoshop Express, grades 4-12 

This beginner picture editor allows for transformations and easy photo editing.

Basic Photography, grades 4-12 

Our basic photography workshop will take you beyond snapshots to creating photographs that are engaging and will enhance your personal photos as well as school-related projects.

Photo Editing with Snapseed, grades 4-12 

This workshop will get you started editing and enhancing your photographs. It will include a discussion about when and why to edit and how to do so effectively according to the type of photograph.

XR Creation with CoSpaces, grades K-12 

This is an introduction to virtual and augmented reality creation for dynamic projects in the classroom and beyond. NOTE: This is a tiered browser-based app, but the limited free version offers many possibilities.

Finding Reliable Information in a World of Misinformation: Student Media Literacy, grades 6-12 

In this session, students will learn some basics of news literacy, including simple techniques the experts use for discerning the truth of online content such as lateral reading and reverse image searches.

Basic Video Production, grades 3-12 

Getting started with classroom video production? Start here! Practice the basics in this hands-on workshop using typical classroom equipment.

An Introduction to Music Production and sound effects with GarageBand, grades 4-12 

Create music and sound effects in this free iOS app using an iPad or iPhone that can be shared and/or used in video productions, podcasts, performances, etc. 

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