sunrise in winter

Winter: Season of Darkness and Light

This production is a multicultural exploration of the way winter is celebrated in this country and how these celebrations have been changed, merged, assimilated, or forgotten over generations. Artists from across the country explain the traditions associated with their cultures through music and stories. The holiday traditions featured are Hanukkah (Jewish), Kwanzaa (African-American), Posadas (Chicano), and European Christmas.

Grade Levels: 4-12
Resource Types: 1 Video, 1 PDF

Winter: Season of Darkness and Light

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Teacher's Guide

Each segment in the video above runs about 10 minutes, giving teachers an opportunity to use the program in parts and to focus discussion and activities around a specific tradition. This guide explains some of the origins and backgrounds of the traditions and similarities among the various cultures they represent. It also contains follow-up activities and a bibliography for each of the cultural traditions or holidays.

Download the Teacher’s Guide PDF File

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