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  • Car crashes are the leading cause of death for 15- to 20-year olds.
  • The fatality rate for drivers age 16 to 19 is four times that of drivers 25 to 69.
  • 77% of teen crashes involve avoidable driver errors.
  • Texting increases the odds of an accident by 23 times.

Check out our resources below for more information on how young drivers can be safe on the road.

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Download this guide on safe driving, car maintenance, and more.

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Driving Tips

Teen Driving
Find information on parallel parking, gas prices, buying used cars, and other topics.

Car Basics
Link to “how to” articles about everything from auto insurance to combustion engines.

Rules of the Road for Teen Drivers
Explore information on weather conditions, maintenance, speeding, and more.

Driving Rules
Investigate rules for drivers with permits and state-by-state laws.

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General Resources

AAA Bluegrass/Kentucky
Information to help parents, educators, and young drivers reduce teen crashes and fatalities. Downloads include: State Graduated Driver Licensing Laws, Choosing a Driving School, and a Parent-Teen Driving Contract.

Teen Driver Source
Produced by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, this comprehensive website has separate sections for teachers, policymakers, teens, and parents. Resources include videos, teaching materials, downloadable PDFs, and research information.
Yield SignInformation about current laws governing distracted driving, cell phone use, texting and hands-free driving, insurance requirements and financial responsibility laws, and teen driving and the Graduated Drivers License. A DUI calculator shows the amount of alcohol an individual must consume to be determined legally drunk.

Teen Driving
A teen-oriented web site with specific tips about driving in town and in the country, parallel parking, passing, buying a used car, auto insurance, and tire safety. Students can sign up to receive a newsletter or order products from an online store.

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Resources Related to Distracted Driving

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Distracted Driving
This U.S. Department of Transportation site focused on distracted driving has current news along with facts, statistics, and questions and answers.

Oprah’s No Texting Campaign
Stop SignVisitors can watch an entire Oprah Winfrey show about “America’s New Deadly Obsession,” sign Oprah’s No Phone Zone Pledge, and access related links that include video interviews with parents who lost their teens in distracted driving-related accidents.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Specific research data on the 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study conducted by VTTI, which is discussed in Nature’s Laws, Program 2 of Street Skills Program 2.

Carnegie Mellon University Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging
This site shows how functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is used to study how the brain handles demanding high-level tasks. The results of one of the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging’s fMRI studies is discussed in Nature’s Law. CCBI publications include demonstration videos and the results from various studies.

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Government Sites for Young Drivers

Kentucky Office of Highway Safety’s Drive Smart Education Programs
Speed LimitInformation about Kentucky’s Drive Smart Education Programs for teenagers and schools, which include a D2 (Distracted Driving) Simulator, a 3-D (Drunk and Drugged Driving) Simulator, a Mock Crash, and guest speakers. Other states also offer online resources and programs for teen drivers.

Kentucky’s Driver’s Permit Practice Test
A practice exam with the types of questions that will be asked on the written exam portion of the Kentucky Driver’s Permit Test. Similar online practice tests are available from other state governments.

Kentucky Driver’s Permit Practice Test App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod
Download a free app for the Kentucky Driver License Practice Test or apps for Nebraska, Tennessee, Utah, or West Virginia.
NICUSA, which provides these apps, partners with many states, so practice tests from other states will likely be available in the future.

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