KET All Star Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KET All Star Program? 

  • The KET All Star Program is an initiative aimed at celebrating and honoring exceptional educators across Kentucky who have demonstrated a commitment to educational excellence and positive outcomes for their students. 

Who is eligible to become a KET All Star? 

  • Educators in Kentucky who have a proven track record of dedication to their students and their community are eligible to apply for the KET All Star Program. Educators can come from Early Childhood, K-12, Adult Education, Community Partners, Libraries, or other education-focused realms whose goals focus on positive student and family outcomes while successfully fostering the use of KET and/or PBS resources.  

What is the commitment period for KET All Stars? 

  • KET All Stars commit to a two-year program, during which they actively participate in KET initiatives and fulfill their role as ambassadors for educational excellence. At the close of the two-year commitment, All Stars transition into “Alumni” status where they, though it is not required, are welcomed and encouraged to continue to engage with the program.  

What is the nomination process? 

  • Interested individuals can nominate themselves, or others. Nominations remain open throughout the year and will be reviewed by the KET Education team after December 15th. Selected candidates will be contacted in late December.  

What are the benefits of being named a KET All Star? 

  • Specialized training to enhance skills. 
  • A $500 stipend for each year of the two-year commitment. 
  • Ambassadorship status, representing Kentucky Educational Television (KET). 
  • Recognition at exclusive events and media coverage. 
  • The opportunity to inspire others through success stories.  

What are the responsibilities of a KET All Star? 

  • KET All Stars will participate in four KET-focused content calls, exploring KET resources, products and services or ask that All Stars serve as content experts in the planning and implementation of future KET projects. These content calls could include in-person meetings at KET, virtual meetings, conference meetups, attending Virtual Learning Sessions, the KET Summer PD Event, or other KET-led professional development opportunities.  
  • KET All Stars will design and implement a KET-focused learning opportunity after each of the four meetings at minimum. Opportunities may be student-, educator-, or community-facing and could include traditional faculty meetings, lunch-and-learn trainings, family engagement nights, conference presentations, club events, etc.  

Will events and workshops be in-person or virtual? 

  • KET All Stars will be expected to attend an in-person kick-off event in January and the KET Summer Professional Development Day in July, both at the KET Network Center in Lexington. Other KET-led training opportunities will be virtual convenings. The format of training events led by KET All Stars is at the discretion of the All Star.  

What travel reimbursement is available? 

  • Travel reimbursement is available for select pre-approved in-person events and can include hotel, mileage, and per diems.