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K-12 News

Experts offer advice on applying for financial aid

October 20, 2021 - College should be a time of growth and discovery, but for many it can also be a source of stress as students and parents try to find a way to pay for it. Fortunately, financial aid assistance is available. KET’s College Financial Aid 2022: Education Matters offers help in navigating the all-important college financial aid application process.

Happy National Arts and Humanities Month

October 15, 2021 - The arts bring us together, tell our story, teach us history, and give us a vision for the future. Without them the world would be very dull and uneventful. To celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month, here are some resources to explore and use in your classroom. This is just a tiny sample of what’s available in PBS LearningMedia, so take a look around to discover more!

New film and classroom materials focus on Frontier Nursing Service

October 13, 2021 - Angels on Horseback: Midwives in the Mountains, a new KET film narrated by Ashley Judd, recounts the remarkable story of the women of the Frontier Nursing Service that established professional midwifery in America during one of the most challenging times in the nation’s history.

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