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For more than 50 years, KET has worked to make education equitable and accessible for all. A leader in adult education programming and products, we continue to offer innovative curriculum methods for learners.

Welcome to our website. Showcased here are resources pertaining to high school equivalency, workplace education, lifeskills and more. All content is course aligned to appropriate college and career readiness standards and general workforce training practices.

Although much of the shopping and purchasing process is completed online, KET is proud to offer a live customer service staff ready to assist customers. Staff is available to answer questions, lead tutorials, offer support or reassure customers in any area from content to connectivity! There’s nothing like personal customer service, so call us at 800-354-9067 if we can be of assistance.

Adult Education News

Fall back? Go forward fast? How about both?

November 3, 2022 - In many states the hands on our clocks will replay an hour of time on November 6. Daylight Savings Time ends, and Standard Time begins. There will still be 24 hours each day. Use the enclosed image in your recruitment efforts if your program uses KET’s FastForward online course. FastForward is proven to help learners successfully prepare for the GED exam. 

Integrating Career Development in Adult Education

November 2, 2022 - November is National Career Development Month. Workplace Essential Skills from KET Adult Education provides basic math and language arts instruction contextualized within modern, high-demand workspaces. There is also a soft skills section of this affordable course. Sign up for a free two-week trial today!

Change is Good!

October 3, 2022 - A large portion of the U.S. experiences magnificent changes in the color of foliage this time of year. Autumn colors add excitement and interest to the landscape and season! Did you know color can impact learning too? Find out how with KET's online adult education courses.

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