About KET Education

Education has been at the heart of KET’s mission since its inaugural broadcast more than fifty years ago.

KET provides an efficient and equitable way to assist in overcoming geographic barriers and economic disparities throughout Kentucky, with high-quality resources, services and support across the educational spectrum.

These resources are used in every Kentucky public school district as well as by private schools, adult learning centers, childcare centers, universities and community organizations.

KET collaborates with education, community and government organizations to assess needs and develop solutions.

Early Childhood Education

KET helps prepare our children to be kindergarten ready and successful in school.

We provide PBS KIDS programming to every Kentucky child via our 16-transmitter broadcast network, online and on mobile.

Our 24/7 KET PBS KIDS channel expands on the 12-hour daytime block of children’s programming on KET and KET2.

Initiatives like KET Everyday Learning provides childcare workers and preschool instructors with KET-produced toolkits of classroom resources and lesson plans – plus hands-on workshop trainings – in pre-literacy, science, math, arts and social-development.

Including certified online training, KET annually provides courses for thousands of childcare workers, preschool instructors and parents, enhancing the quality of curriculum and instruction for Kentucky children in daycares and preschools.

KET and PBS KIDS are leaders in reaching families – especially those who need it most. PBS stations reach more children age 2-5, more moms with young children, and more children from low-income homes than any other children’s TV network.

Given the data from the Kentucky Department of Education indicating that more than 50% of the children in our state aren’t prepared to enter kindergarten, PBS KIDS programs like Sesame Street, Curious George and The Cat in the Hat, are especially important.

Furthermore, for the many Kentucky children who are not in any formal preschool environment before entering kindergarten, KET is one of the only high-quality early childhood education resources accessible to every home in Kentucky.

The Let’s Learn Kentucky hub is available to parents and caregivers while they navigate the early years, from birth through the time they enter school, a formative time for children’s development.

K-12 Education

KET is used in every Kentucky public school.

We’re an innovative producer of digital educational content for the classroom and provide PBS LearningMedia – a comprehensive online multimedia learning service – accessible for free to every public, private, parochial and home school.

As a leading national partner in PBS LearningMedia, KET has produced more thousands of digital classroom resources in science, mathematics, health, history, social studies, the arts and early childhood.

PBS LearningMedia offers easy access to thousands of lesson plans, videos, interactives, productivity tools and curated collections to give every teacher the change to create one of a kind learning experiences.

We support K-12 education with professional development courses and on-site and virtual teacher trainings, plus student workshops in schools, online and at KET in our refreshed Media Lab.

Adult Education and Workforce Readiness

KET is the largest nonprofit GED education publisher in the United States.

Our FastForward learning system helps adult learners prepare for high-school equivalency tests, college and careers.

FastForward is proven – 90% of students using FastForward pass the tests and earn a GED credential.

Workplace Essential Skills online learning system teaches math and language arts skills contextualized in high-demand careers plus features a soft skills highlights course. The system teaches adults how to apply skills in occupational fields such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, marketing and sales, information technology and more!

As Kentucky’s largest classroom, we serve more than two million people each week via television, online and mobile. KET leverages the full spectrum of media and technology to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity.

By involving parents, teachers, caregivers and communities as partners, KET is where learning comes to life!

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