Outreach Tools Available Free from KET

Word of mouth and personal testimonials are often the best advertisement an educational program can ask for. However, not everyone has the time to consistently go out into the community and spread the good word or the budget to hire a fulltime social media manager.  

With this in mind, KET has put together a library of customizable resources to assist adult educators in starting conversations about their program in their communities. 

Word of Mouth

KET may not be be able to walk through your local downtown to reach potential students, but we can share stories of students who have made the choice to go back to school and earn their high school equivalency credentials. If you’re looking for first hand accounts from real people who have succeeded with this program, look no further.

Social Media 

We know you wear multiple hats as an adult educator, and social media manager may be one of them. Consider adapting these tweets to your specific center and program to jumpstart conversations about your program in your community. Look here for Twitter and Facebook posts along with video and image resources to take your posts to the next level.


Already using KET’s FastForward or Workplace Essential Skills in your program? Consider adding another layer to your outreach efforts with these videos which prompt local businesses to take a stake in adult ed in your community and encourage students to invest in themselves by enrolling in your program. 

If you have advanced video skills or partnership with a local television station, these videos may be downloaded from the KET ftp site and customized with your web address, logo, and phone number. (Contact us at adulted@ket.org for access.) Otherwise, these videos are available on YouTube for sharing with potential learners or groups that influence adult learners.

Or, if you’re hoping to get students interested in the KET resources you’re using in your classroom, consider sharing this brief FastForward video or this brief Workplace Essential Skills video. Consider checking out our promotional video playlist for more KET resource videos to share.

Print Flyers and Resources 

Looking to integrate printed resources into your marketing and outreach plan? KET has complimentary posters, flyers and postcards ready to send to your Adult Education center, school or other community location.

Check out this page for examples of FastForward and high school equivalency exam related materials, and this page for examples of Workplace Essential Skills and workplace contextualized resources. 

Partner Station Program

Public media stations nationally are welcomed and encouraged to partner with KET to promote adult learning and impact communities through a variety of media platforms. Stations who partner with KET on this mission develop stronger community relationships while earning commission from sales from KET’s FastForward online program. Details about the program can be found on this flyer or in the Partner Station Toolkit below.

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Download the Partner Station Tooklit (.pdf)

Contact us with your outreach idea.

Creative ways to partner with KET to impact individuals, families, and communities for generations to come are endless. Contact us today to discuss how our missions might align for the good of all. You can also reach out to us on Facebook at any time!

Call: 800-354-9067 or Email: adulted@ket.org