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Creative Writing Toolkit: Poetry

If you hear someone say they “don’t like poetry,” you might ask if they have read every type, which is unlikely because there are more than 50 kinds! Just as there are kinds of fiction a reader prefers, say, for example, traditional mystery novels instead of romance stories or experimental narratives, there is certainly at least one kind of poem that every reader will enjoy.

The KET Young Writers Contest Creative Writing Toolkit: Poetry (PDF) has been designed to introduce your students to poetry – both exploring and analyzing written works, as well as drafting their own original works.

Creative Writing Toolkit: Graphic Novels

With their imaginative storytelling, integrated illustrations and creative use of text, graphic novels have assumed a lasting place in the hearts of both children and adults alike. By designing their own graphic novels, students can hone their writing skills while expressing themselves through this creative medium. The KET Young Writers Contest Creative Writing Toolkit: Graphic Novels (PDF) offers a variety of activities to enable student success.

Resources for Writers on PBS LearningMedia

Free resources to instruct and inspire students in grades K-12. Grade levels are listed on each resource.

Young Writers Contest Tips PDFs

Helpful tips for students writing illustrated short stories, short stories, and poetry, condensed to one sheet each.

Story Tips for Young Writers PDF

Detailed instructional tips, with examples, for the youngest story writers!

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