The Remarkable Clarks

George Rogers Clark was a Revolutionary War hero and the founder of Louisville. One of his younger brothers, William, was the Clark of Lewis and Clark. Their sister, Lucy Clark Croghan, ran the family home at Locust Grove, a gathering place for the prominent political and social figures of the early 19th century.

The Remarkable Clarks, a 2002 KET production, tells the story of this Kentucky founding family through dramatizations of pivotal incidents in their lives. It was created and staged at Locust Grove in Louisville to commemorate both the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the 250th anniversary of George Rogers Clark’s birth. Principal performers are Mandy Dick, Mel Hankla, and Bob Pilkington.

In addition to bringing early Kentucky history to life, this docudrama offers a unique performance for students to analyze and evaluate and a model for integrating the arts into the social studies classroom through dramatizations of historical events.

Grade Levels: 5-12
Resource Type: Video

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