Tour of the Theater

Take this photographic tour of a theater and you’ll learn some theater terms, history, and trivia.

Start by visiting four theaters to see different types of stages. The type of stage on which a play is performed has an important effect on what an audience sees and, therefore, understands, about what is being presented.

Then step onstage to explore a set and learn the names of different areas on the stage.

Next, take a walk on the catwalk and learn about some of the technical aspects of production, like lighting and sound.

And don’t forget to visit the rest of the house! From the dressing rooms to the costume and scene shops to the “house” itself, all kinds of dramatic activities go on throughout a theater.

Special thanks to our photographer, KET’s Steve Shaffer; to our writer, Barbara Myerson Katz; and to the following Lexington, KY theaters for providing the locations:

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