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Arts Academy at KET

Announcing The 2019 Academy for Arts Assessment & Technology from The Kentucky Center for the Arts, presented in partnership with and hosted by KET in Lexington. June 24-28, 9 AM-4 PM ET.

Description: How do you assess student creative work using artistic criteria? How do we get beyond rubrics that focus on effort, following directions, and completion of project? This five-day Academy will devote one day for each art form (drama, music, dance, visual arts, and new media), for a deep-dive into assessing student creative work including art work and performances. We will be creating and performing in all art forms and participating in peer review to help us develop a language for talking about each art form as a foundation for assessing student artistic creations and performances.

In addition, KET will introduce teachers to ways to incorporate technology with performances and art work including audio recording, green screen video recording, and video editing.

Preference will be given to teachers who teach the arts, followed by teachers who provide strong arts integration instruction.  Teachers who have already attended this Academy in Danville (2018) or Hopkinsville (2017) are not eligible to apply.  Please note that only Kentucky Public School teachers (K-12) may attend and receive stipends as eligible.

What Teachers have said about this Academy:

“This was life-changing for me as an educator who is always looking to meaningfully assessing my students.”

“It was the best Academy that I have ever attended. I have been to several Academies across the state and they were great, but this one far exceeds the rest.”   

Eligible teachers will receive $100 per day for attending the Academy, but they must complete all five days of the Academy.  Teachers may elect to receive PD credit if approved by their district for 6 hours per day instead of a stipend for up to three days of the Academy.

Transportation: Unfortunately, we do not have funds for transportation subsidies this year.  Please check with your school or district to see if they have any PD travel funds available.

Please contact Jeff Jamner.

Link to apply.