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Challenge Your Students NOW!

Independence Day comes just as half of 2022 is complete! That’s right, just six more months of 2022 left! What could your learners do in six months? Challenge them to see.

By utilizing FastForward, KET’s digital learning course to prepare for GED® or HiSET® tests, students can study all subjects anywhere they have internet access, day or night! Starting 2023 with a high school credential could be within their reach!

If training for success on the job or to switch their occupations, KET’s Workplace Essential Skills can help. Participants learn math and language arts skills specifically for high demand careers plus learn how to search for jobs and hone personal skills! A new career could be in their future!

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor show a significant difference in earnings for varying levels of education. A high school credential makes a difference. By encouraging learners to finish 2022 strong, 2023 could offer more opportunities