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FastForward and Workplace Essential Skills Upgrade Loading…  

Are you a FastForward or Workplace Essential Skills user? KET’s nationwide online learning system is nearing its 10th anniversary and we get to celebrate this milestone with an upgrade! Thousands of students have successfully used these programs to prepare for high school equivalency exams and build their skills in high-demand career fields. We’re pleased to announce that coming soon, users will see a fully refreshed look and feel to the platform.  

Some key changes include: a streamlined login page and content screens, a menu switch from the left to the top and collapsible/expandible course navigation bars, as well as improved accessibility and mobile view. The KET Adult Education team is looking forward to rolling out these changes in the coming weeks.  

 As always, if you are a user of our products, we are happy to provide you with additional information and training opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.