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February is Career and Technical Education Month

KET recognizes February as Career and Technical Education Month®, including career pathways that offer students the opportunity to gain the academic, technical and employability skills necessary for career readiness.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2030, around 60 percent of new jobs in the economy will be in occupations requiring career and technical training and certification, rather than a college degree. Students in CTE programs participate in authentic, meaningful experiences that improve the quality of their education and increase their engagement and achievement. They also benefit from career exploration opportunities earlier in their educational experience, which enables them to make informed and beneficial decisions as they pursue established programs of study and career pathways.

As a real-world example of a CTE program in action, take a look at this PBS NewsHour story focused on a unique collaborative program in New Hampshire working to prepare young adults for the changing job landscape and meet the need for programs that connect students with in-demand jobs and local businesses.

This month, and year-round, we encourage awareness of and support for career and technical education initiatives to enhance students’ skills and productivity, ensuring that employers have access to a qualified and thriving workforce.