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Hey Adults – Let’s Go Back to School!

Now is a great time to recruit adult learners to enroll in adult learning programs to complete a high school credential, brush up on basic skills or workplace training or prepare to enroll in technical or college programs!   

Many adult learners say their children are their “why” or their motivation to return to school.

Some want to earn more to give their children opportunities. What better time to motivate adult learners to enroll than when their own kids are going to school? 

A recent study of adult learners underscores these ideas plus gives good insight on what is important to learners who decide to return to studies; things like where they most often get information (social media), how they prefer to study (flexible scheduling) and more!  

Online tools to help you reach adult learners include KET’s FREE recruitment resources, this blog post on motivating students who are one test away from the GED® diploma and this webinar from educational consultant Susan Pittman explaining how to utilize boot camps to accomplish educational goals.