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Miss the 2020 KET Multimedia PD Days? Catch up now!

Each July, KET Education hosts its Multimedia Professional Development Day at the KET studios in Lexington for educators interested in learning more about multimedia and production. Participants can attend up to four workshops on video production, digital storytelling, software applications, and more.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 event went virtual. Instead of choosing four workshops out of 16, Kentucky educators could choose from 12 workshops over two weeks — participating in every session that interested them instead of only four. While multimedia resources were highlighted, this year’s workshops had a heavy focus on remote learning.

The sessions listed below were recorded and are now available to view online along with related materials.

2020 Multimedia Professional Development Day Virtual Workshops:

  • Going the Distance with Remote Learning with Ashley Judd
  • Become a Podcasting Jedi in One Session with Jessica Greene & Josh Rayburn
  • Girls Who Code: What is this? Why does it matter? Now, how do I get started? with Laura Raganas & Sean Jackson
  • Music Production with GarageBand with Cynthia Warner
  • Media Projects on a Budget with Bill Hatfield
  • AR/VR in the Classroom with Sherry Curtsinger and Students
  • STLP: Great Tech-Ed Resources for K-12 with Jeff Sebulsky
  • Designing Lessons with Tech in a Meaningful Way with Nicole Routon
  • World Language PBL and Collaboration with School Library with Heather Waters & Courtney McDonald
  • Fact or Fiction? Finding Fakery-Free Online Information with Larry Moore & Kathy Davis
  • Using Screencastify for Remote Learning with Dee Dee Webb
  • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!: Tech Tools & Student Learning with Letitia Rudie