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Scary stories from around the world

As Halloween approaches, get your students in a spooky mood with eerie stories from all over the world from our World of Stories collection on PBS LearningMedia.

In The Beaded Bag, Kentucky-based storyteller Mary Hamilton tells a haunting tale set in Victorian times, about a man who gives a young lady a ride across the Ohio River to her home in Louisville.

North Carolina-based storyteller Donna Washington tells a scary tale from the Gullah culture, The Boo Hag, about a man and his beautiful wife—who is not what she seems to be. Another tale from Washington, Death in the Marketplace is the story of a wealthy man who tries to escape Death.

Storyteller Priscilla Howe tells a funny/scary campfire tale about a baby who wants her apple juice in The Ghost With One Black Eye.

Florida-based storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar tells La Llorona, a Mexican folktale about a mourning mother whose spirit is forever in search of her dead children.

And finally Illinois-based storyteller Dan Keding tells Marie Yvonne and Her Shroud, a French folktale about a weaver who dies but must return to claim her burial shroud.