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Common Sense Media Ranks PBS KIDS Games #1

Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that “provides education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children, recently selected the PBS KIDS Games website as best overall choice for students and teachers.  

PBS Kids is just simply on a different level from every other educational game site when it comes to pedagogy and game-based learning.” 

The PBS KIDS Games website helps young learners find games from their favorite PBS KIDS characters or filter 30+ categories that range from Spanish to Engineering games. Games expand on the learning content from each show’s content area. Educators trust these games to extend learning and reach learning objectives in a fun way. Every PBS KIDS show and game is created with the help of expert advisors and evaluated for effectiveness. One standout feature of PBS KIDS games is the quality feedback that emphasizes that getting something wrong is part of the learning journey. Additionally, these high-quality games are completely FREE on the website or through the PBS KIDS Games App.  

“There’s just about everything you’d want for early learners on the site, and best of all a lot of the subject areas are mashed together, so that kids are never learning one kind of content but building skills in a cross section of domains at any given time,”  

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