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PBS LearningMedia + Digital Tools

Cake and ice cream, peanut butter and jelly—some things are even better when they’re paired together. One example is the engaging resources in PBS LearningMedia and the digital tools teachers use every day. And KET education consultants can show teachers how to have the best of both these worlds. KET education consultants have put together PBS LearningMedia + Digital Tools, a guide to using various digital tools, like Padlet, GarageBand, EdPuzzle and more, with PBS LearningMedia.

PBS LearningMedia is a free, digital repository of videos, lesson plans, and games aligned to academic standards in all subjects.

“When we first created this guide back in the fall, teacher stress level was at an all-time high. Educators were being asked to do, and to learn, a tremendous amount of new technology and new workflows,” said KET education consultant Amy Grant. “We simply wanted to find a way to incorporate what teachers were already using—what they, and their students, were already familiar with—paired with the quality instructional resources in PBSLM, to lessen stress yet keep meaningful, engaging learning happening.”

Teachers can use whatever digital tools they already have.

“Students may not have access to Bitmoji, for example, but they might have access to Pixton. You may have a different audio recorder you prefer to use. These are simply a point of inspiration—not a recipe,” said Grant.

Fun ideas include having students use stop-motion animation to put together molecules and compounds, make an avatar to explore a biome, and create video responses.

Education consultants are available to conduct virtual workshops to help teachers learn to use these tools with PBS LearningMedia in a variety of learning situations, both in-person and virtual. For more information, contact your KET education consultant.