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Resources for Adult Education in Corrections

2022 Census Bureau statistics estimate the total U.S. population aged 18 and older at around 260 million people. That number places the U.S. third in the ranking for countries with greatest number of people. Even so, the U.S. ranks number one in the world for mass incarceration. More than 2 million people are held in state and federal U.S. prisons. Local jails hold hundreds of thousands awaiting conviction or sentencing in addition to those already housed at state and federal facilities.  

Many justice-involved individuals need support to learn basic skills like reading and math. Many have not had successful educational careers and lack a high school diploma or job training. Still others aspire to achieve higher education goals as they await release or serve their sentences. Adult education plays a significant role in supporting, redirecting and readying for reentry.  

Each correctional setting varies in its approach to providing educational opportunities. Some offer modern digital learning opportunities while others struggle to find balance between safety, security and service. Wherever adult educators find themselves and their learners, KET is here to provide resources to support your work and learning.  

Curriculum Materials 

KET has curated a collection of free resources specifically for corrections education in PBS LearningMedia. KET is happy to arrange personal or group trainings on the use of these resources.  

Guide for Learning and Planning for Reentry 

The U.S. Department of Education recently released a how-to guide to access educational opportunities for incarcerated and reentering persons.  This publication provides information and planning resources for exploring careers, gaining educational credentials and certifications and planning and paying for college. New opportunities now exist for incarcerated learners to apply for Pell grants and other financial aid. If you want to give your incarcerated learners a step-by-step guide to successfully plan for their future, this may be the resource you need! 

Video series with supporting assets 

No matter where you teach, chances are some of your learners have had experiences where they or family members have been involved with the justice system and subsequently incarcerated. When these occurrences happen during childhood they are referred to as adverse childhood experiences (ACES). The Tre Maison Dasan series from Rhode Island PBS documents the impact of having an incarcerated parent through the eyes of three young boys. This collection is designed to guide discussions to help combat stigma and misperceptions around children and families of the incarcerated.  

Language Learning Resources 

EnGen, an educational partner with KET Adult Education, provides pathways and courseware for English language learning. Find out more about their work in corrections or connect with them via KET Adult Education.