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Winter Mindfulness Tips

With COVID-19 restrictions, continued virtual school, and cold weather this winter has posed challenges for lots of Kentuckians. Here are some tips for maintaining your health and wellness throughout these chilly months.  

Eat Healthy 

A Healthy Plate, from KET’s Healthy Me, is a kid-friendly explanation of how the My Plate model works. It is an excellent resource for educators, caregivers, and families who are teaching children about the importance of eating in a healthy way. 

As a family, play some of these Healthy Habits Games from PBS KIDS. Children can create meals for customers, grow giant vegetables with Molly of Denali, or learn about where food comes from with Cookie Monster.  

Get Moving 

Staying physically active year-round helps improve our mood, sleep, and immune system. Discover the importance of body parts with this fun song from Mr. Steve

Get moving indoors with Dot and friends! Encourage the whole family to follow along to these fun videos.  

Practice Mindfulness Together 

Practicing mindfulness is beneficial to kids and adults! It can help with focus, controlling emotions, and getting through difficult moments. Use these Get up and Go resources from PBS LearningMedia to practice being grounded.  

Learn to take deep belly breaths with Elmo by using this video or downloading the Breathe, Think, Do app from Sesame Street.   

Talk about Feelings 

We all have big feelings from time-to-time. Help children express their feelings in a healthy way with these tips from PBS Parents.

Manage and express feelings with these strategies, songs, and activities from Daniel Tiger and his friends!