Adult Education News

KET Celebrates National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week

KET Adult Education, in partnership with the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), invites you to join us in celebrating National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, September 18-22, 2023.  

Let’s look at some compelling statistics:  

  • Over 30 million Americans over the age of 25 – or one out of every 9 U.S. citizens – do not have a high school diploma.  
  • Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job growth for individuals without a high school diploma or some college experience is about zero or even negative.  
  • By 2024, 48 percent of job openings will be middle-skill and 32 percent will be high-skill, which means that in less than 3 years, nearly 80 percent of all job openings will require more than a high school degree.  

But here’s the good news: 

Adult education and family literacy programs across the country serve adults who need to increase their basic literacy and math skills, improve their English language skills, obtain a high school equivalency degree and prepare for postsecondary education or training. We are proud to support adult education centers, programs and individual learners. With FastForward and Workplace Essential Skills, adult students have the opportunity to prepare for high school equivalency exams, explore career pathways and hone their hard and soft skills so that they can advance their careers through postsecondary education or training. And check out EnGen, a platform to help English language learners achieve their job and career goals.  

Join us in highlighting the importance of adult education and training with your community and the impact achieving a high school credential and career training can have. Communicate how adult education and literacy programs serve your community by sharing social media messages with learners and stakeholders in your area or inviting them to visit your locations.