Everyday Math

Grade Level: PreK-3
Resource Type: Video, Interactive

As children explore their world, they are learning to count, discriminate shapes, sort objects, and see patterns. This collection aims to help young children develop positive beliefs about themselves as mathematicians and create a foundation for success in school.

Mister C/Science & Math

Grade Level: 2-7
Resource Type: Video

Mister C combines video and music with technology to help students grasp challenging science and math concepts. He is known for marching and dancing to his own beats and creating unique STEAM-themed multimedia projects.

Math Mess

Grade Level: 3-7
Resource Type: Video

A Math Mess is an everyday problem that requires an inquisitive mind, determination, and number sense to solve. Each short, animated video comes with a teacher’s guide to aid educators in the classroom, offering suggested solutions and extension activities.

Khan Academy Mathematics Showcase

Grade Level: 3-12
Resource Type: Video

Bring clarity to the math classroom with these video resources that run between 2-15 minutes each. Search PBS LearningMedia for “Khan Academy” to find more resources and filter your view by grade level or specific subject to find precisely what you need.

PBS Math Club

Grade Level: 4-9
Resource Type: Multiple

PBS Math Club helps you with your homework—and makes you laugh. Topics include adding and subtracting integers; equations; ratios and proportions; and statistics. Check out the “InstaCram” clips for the 15-second versions of the videos.

Math at the Core: Middle School

Grade Level: 5-8
Resource Type: Video, Interactive

These engaging media and integrated activities are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and designed for middle school students of diverse learning styles and backgrounds. Explore the collection by Common Core domain or by grade level.

The Math of Energy

Grade Level: 9-12
Resource Type: Video

Learn math concepts through real-world situations that are based in the energy industry or fundamental energy relations. The series is targeted for high school students, but the concepts are valuable to viewers of many ages.

Against All Odds: Statistics

Grade Level: 9-13+
Resource Type: Video

Introduce high school students to the art and science of statistics in this 6-minute video. Demonstrate how the gathering, organizing, drawing, and analyzing of data applies to everyday life and a variety of careers. Note: This is Unit 1; there are 27 additional units available.

Targeted Math Instruction for the 2002 GED Test

Grade Level: 9-13+
Resource Type: Document

These 12 lessons are for teacher use with test-takers who need to increase their score on the 2002 GED® Math Test in order to earn a GED® diploma. The lessons are aligned to specific targets in geometry, number sense, algebra, and data analysis and probability.